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What are Cycle to Work Schemes?
Cycle to work schemes allow employers to offer their employees the use of a bike for commuting in exchange for a salary sacrifice.  The salary sacrifice enables the employees to use their gross pay to reimburse the employer for the cost of the bike.  The gross pay is before tax, so the employee saves the tax and national insurance which would have been due on the amount sacrificed (33.25%, 43.25% or 48.25%).  It also allows employees to spread the cost over monthly pay packets, making the acquisition more affordable.

Which Cycle to Work Schemes does Fenland eBikes offer?
We currently work with Green Commute Initiative (GCI) and Cyclescheme
If your employer uses a different scheme, get in touch as we may be able to work with it. If your employer doesn't have a scheme in place then we would suggest using GCI as it is quick to arrange, there is no limit (typically £1000).  Get an instant quote to present to your employer here.

How much can I save?
Try this calculator provided by CGI to see the possible savings.


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